Student Devices for Summer

May 11, 2021

Students who plan to return to CPS in the fall will be keeping their assigned take home device during the summer. Those students who are leaving the district or graduating should turn in their device at their school before the last day of classes.

Graduating students must return their devices prior to graduation. Not returning their device could result in substantial fees being assessed and could result in their not being permitted to participate in graduation ceremonies. If you or your child is graduating this spring, please make sure the student device is returned to school!

If a family does not wish to have their student keep their device during the summer, they may turn their device into the school before they leave for the summer. 

Families will still be able to contact the Family Technology Support (FTS) at (513) 363-0688 for any device issue during the summer months. If a replacement device is needed, a time and location will be scheduled with the family by an FTS tech. Device swaps can typically be done within one business day.

Students should still abide by the policies listed in the AUP/MDA to keep their device functioning and safe. This includes not installing any software that will damage the device, as may render it unusable. The device should be kept in a safe place inside their home if it is not being used. 

All first grade students (as of this school year) will be keeping their assigned iPad during the summer. When school begins in August, and they become second graders, a plan will be in place and communicated to schools for their iPad to be swapped out with a laptop. 

Please refer any questions to Family Technology Support at (513) 363-0688.