One Number is all You Need to Reach Transportation: 363-RIDE

July 6, 2020

363-RIDE hotlineCincinnati Public Schools' Transportation Department now has a simple and easy-to-remember phone number: (513) 363-RIDE

By dialing this one number, parents can connect with any of the yellow bus vendors, Metro bus and the CPS Transportation Department.

Upon dialing the number, callers will be prompted to select option 1 to reach the transportation vendors or option 2 to contact the CPS Transportation Department.

If selecting Option 1 for the transportation vendors, the message takes callers to the following prompts:

  • Option 1 — ALC Schools
  • Option 2 — First Student
  • Option 3 — Metro Bus
  • Option 4 — Petermann
  • Option 5 — Queen City
  • Option 6 — UTS (Universal Transportation Systems)

Parents can call 363-RIDE between the hours of 6 a.m.–6 p.m., Monday through Friday, when school is in session.

In addition to convenience, CPS is using the new number as an accountability tool to monitor the customer service quality of its vendors.

"With this system, we can identify problems quickly, pinpoint customer service issues, determine training for call center agents and improve our procedures," said Loren Johnson, director of transportation.