Important Meal Distribution Update

May 14, 2021

Last Remote Meal Distribution for the 2020-2021 School Year

We know students will have a full backpack of school supplies and other items on last day of school; therefore, we will be sending home our Five Day Remote Meal Packs on Wednesday, May 26, as students leave the school building. These meals will cover breakfast and lunch Friday, May 28-Tuesday, June 1. We will serve breakfast and lunch to all students in school on Thursday, May 27.

Summer Scholar Program Meals

All Summer Scholar programs will have breakfast and lunch served each day plus all students will be offered a Weekend Meal Pack as they leave the building each Friday. In addition, the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program will continue at all applicable elementary schools.

June Meal Distribution Sites

The following schools will be Community Meal Hub Distribution Sites where any child under 18 can get a Seven-Day Remote Meal Pack from 1-3 p.m. every Wednesday in June. Parents/Guardians may pick up for their child(ren). 

Site Name


Bond Hill Academy

1510 California Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45237

Cheviot School

4040 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45211

Dater Montessori School 

2840 Boudinot Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45238

Evanston Academy

1835 Fairfax Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45207

Hays-Porter School

1030 Cutter Street, Cincinnati, OH 45203

John P. Parker School

5051 Anderson Place, Cincinnati, OH 45227

LEAP Academy

2001 Baltimore Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45225

Mt. Airy School

5730 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45239

Mt. Washington School

1730 Mears Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45230

Oyler School

2121 Hatmaker Street, Cincinnati, OH 45204

Parker Woods Montessori School

4370 Beech Hill Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223

Pleasant Hill Academy

1350 W North Bend Road, Cincinnati, OH 45224

Riverview East Academy

3555 Kellogg Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45226

Roberts Academy

1702 Grand Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45214

Rockdale Academy

335 Rockdale Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229

Roselawn Condon School

1594 Summit Road, Cincinnati, OH 45237

Rothenberg Preparatory Academy

241 E Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Sayler Park School

6700 Home City Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45233

South Avondale School

636 Prospect Place, Cincinnati, OH 45229

Westwood School

2981 Montana Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45211

Winton Hills Academy

5300 Winneste Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45232

Woodford Academy

3716 Woodford Road, Cincinnati, OH 45213